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Take action with the Enough Project to support peace and human rights in Congo. We update these actions to ensure they are timely and achieve the greatest impact.

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This guide, by Annie Callaway and Sasha Lezhnev, details some of the ways to get involved and take action. As with any form of activism, the opportunities frequently shift, and we hope you will stay informed and seek out new ways to get involved for years to come. Congo’s problems will ultimately be solved through solutions created and implemented by the Congolese people, but international advocates can play an important role in assisting those initiatives through a variety of actions.

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The Enough Project’s partner, The Sentry, is a team of policy analysts, regional experts, and financial forensic investigators that follows the money in order to create consequences for those funding and profiting from genocide or other mass atrocities in Africa, and to build leverage for peace. Read the latest investigative reports from The Sentry, or sign up to get the latest updates and news.  

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There is still much to be done to address the high-level corruption driving war, displacement and mass atrocities in Congo, and across East and Central Africa. The Enough Project and its investigative partner, The Sentry, are bringing innovative solutions to bear in the fight against corruption, and to support efforts for peace. With your help, Enough can continue to make a difference in the fight against corruption-driven war.